Accelerated Corporate Finance Program

Our Accelerated Corporate Finance Program is specifically designed to prepare early-stage startups and emerging mini-cap growth companies for a near-term liquidity event.  While incubator-sponsored pitch events are getting all the hype these days, entrepreneurs are often drained by the time and effort required to complete a successful round of funding through such a platform, the typical process taking up to six months to a year.  In contrast, Meritus’ targeted approach not only prepares entrepreneurs for the funding event but fast-tracks the process so entrepreneurs can focus on running their business with minimum intrusion while obtaining maximum results.

Our network of private equity investors and subject matter experts from over 30 verticals have helped us develop an investor-proven approach to funding with typical investment rounds ranging  from $500,000 to $3 million with an average close of 60 to 120 days, depending on the level of due-diligence and documentation required as well as market conditions.

Our program offers:

  • Introductions to potential investors, lenders, strategic partneres and/or acquirers;
  • Production of compelling Executive Summaries and Business Plans;
  • Creation of presentations to target audiences;
  • Valuation and Cap Table analysis for financing and planning;
  • Preparation of Private Placement Memorandums and Term Sheets;
  • Facilitation of due-diligence preparation, direction and execution;
  • Assistance with market and industry research;
  • Development of real-time and agile financial models; and
  • Implementation of management tools and processes for on-going monitoring and reporting.

* Each program will be customized based on client's needs and readiness for funding.