No matter what stage your company is in, Meritus can help you grow.


Putting Your Vision To The Test


Start-ups face many challenges - being accepted by the market, developing a solid business structure, finding capital, recruiting the right team and planning their business. At the core of our beliefs is developing compelling business plans and defensible financial models that articulate your company’s vision to your intended audience.  Our network of private equity investors and subject matter experts from over 30 verticals have helped us develop an investor-proven approach to funding. 

Typical services for clients in this stage include:

• Producing compelling Business Plans and Executive Summaries

• Preparing Private Placement Memorandums and Term Sheets

• Introductions to Potential Investors and Strategic Partners


Delivering Actionable Knowledge
Growth Companies

Doing more with less, while steering the right course begins with your visibility into what’s happening across your business, customers, and key markets. You have products and services in production and your time is limited, you must maintain quality control, establish your customer base and market presence, and meeting deadlines, simultaneously. A partner who understands the value of establishing measurable goals and bridging gaps between company strategy and departmental decision-making is an invaluable asset. Meritus is committed to delivering insightful, accurate, timely and flexible forecast and analysis that growth companies require to stay ahead of competition.

Typical services for clients in this stage include:

• Identifying Key Business Drivers for Analysis and Reporting

• Defining Planning Processes and Tools

• Developing Best Practices for Data Management

Bringing Predictability and Stability
Mature Companies

Your business has now matured into a thriving company with a place in the market and loyal customers. This stage is characterized by a new period of growth into new markets and distribution channels. To compete in an established market, you will require better business practices along with automation for improvement and productivity. You need robust planning capabilities to drive business results and predictability. Meritus brings technology and people together to transform your planning environment so your Finance team can deliver strategic value-add services to their business partners.

Typical services for clients in this stage include:

• Developing Real-Time, Agile Financial Models

• Establishing Clear Accountability and Profitability Targets

• Defining Data Strategy for Single Source of Truth Reporting