Partners In Growth
Meritus partners with other top-tiered professional service providers, including leading venture capital funds and accounting and legal firms, to provide a complete ecosystem of solutions to meet clients' diverse needs. 

Venture Capital Funds


VentureChoice is a Silicon Valley based “open innovation” services provider. Our focus is on helping mid-market companies throughout their innovation planning and decision process by providing outside services for technology research, selection, prototyping, incubation, investment, and acquisition.  Researching and investing in promising new technologies and emerging markets have become a vital components of corporate strategies in the new economy, yet most small to mid size companies are fully occupied with current business activities and their staff have limited time and scope to research disruptive new ideas.  We help our clients to capitalize on tomorrow's opportunities.

Management Consulting


The Resultants is a consulting firm focused on providing our clients with the highest quality services in the areas of internal audit/SOX, process improvement and HR consulting.

Our founders and managers have worked inside as VPs, Controllers, frontline accountants, and staff for pre-IPO and Small to Mid-Size public companies; we know and understand the unique challenges these companies face with staffing, resources, compliance and the general impact of business cycle volatility.

The Resultants was founded in 1996 (incorporated in 2000) and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA.


Venture Greenhouse

CEO to CEO is a consulting firm of former chief executives that improves the skills of chief executives of mid-market companies who are navigating major shifts in their business or marketplace. We help these CEOs rapidly elevate their game and lead their companies to the next level and beyond.

We work with the senior-most executive at companies or divisions with revenue ranging from $20 million to $300 million that are facing significant opportunities and challenges. Our clients are very talented CEOs who nonetheless feel they are still learning their craft, realize their company's performance depends on improving their own performance and want to enhance their skills rapidly and on the job. 



 Wealth Management

Commonwealth Foreign Exchange

Commonwealth Foreign Exchange provides clients with fair, consistent, competitive exchange rates. Whether you’re large or small, execute one transaction a month or dozens a day, Comfex will treat your company as if it were a Fortune 500 multinational corporation to seamlessly handle all your cash market spot and forward FX transactions.

For nearly 15 years, Commonwealth has been a leader by focusing only on business entities in the corporate foreign exchange industry. The U.S. offices handle transactions for nearly 8,000 corporate accounts, from financial institutions to multinational corporations, and small businesses to sole proprietorships.






Joe Alfonso, CFP®, founder and principal of Aegis Financial Advisory, LLC,  is an independent Fee-Only  investment advisor.  Joe works with 401k plan sponsors to help them implement world-class retirement plans that reduce ERISA fiduciary exposure, minimize administrative costs, and improve retirement outcomes for plan participants.  

Joe serves as the ERISA 3(21) Fiduciary Advisor to the 401k plan. In this role he oversees all service providers following a prudent fiduciary process based on industry best practices. This process includes periodic review meetings with plan trustees and one-on-one advice for participants.


Business Incubator


The Venture Greenhouse of Dominican University of California is a pioneering, early-stage business incubator providing an intensive acceleration process for growing companies that have the potential for significant environmental and social benefits. Inspired by Dominican' s groundbreaking Green MBA program, the Venture Greenhouse is a growth accelerator for budding social and environmental entrepreneurs, a learning laboratory for the University's business students, and a community resource for innovators, investors, sustainability advocates and new ventures.

Located in San Rafael, California, the 5,000 sq. ft. "innovation engine" houses up to 12 companies at a time, with the goal of graduating companies within one year. 



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