About Us
Meritus delivers strategic value to decision makers through relevant analyses and timely deal execution.  We value long-term partnerships with entrepreneurs where we can continuously support their vision and ensure they stay ahead of the many challenges faced by growth companies.  We believe real vision comes from the heart, not the mind: Bold, Compelling, and Unique to you. Your vision is our forecast foundation and our goal is to develop a financial plan that assesses your risks, embodies your culture and reflects your vision.

Meritus is an on-demand Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) and Corporate Finance advisory firm for start-ups and emerging growth companies.  Our team has significant experience in supporting entrepreneurs, finance executives, angel investors, venture capitalists and board members.  Our core services include equity/debt financing, strategic planning, financial planning, data analytics and systems and process improvement.

Our wide-ranging services, flexibility and scalability guarantee our commitment to your evolving business requirements while our team of highly trained consultants brings experience, expertise and maturity to all levels of engagements. We leverage our comprehensive financial models, project management tools and internal control processes to ensure our services are efficient and quality-driven. Our measure of success is our ability to deliver valuable Insights and Actionable Knowledge.

“Meritus helped us build a defensible business case that I could confidently pitch to our investors and customers...Having a partner as dependable, flexible and resourceful as Meritus has allowed us to focus on the right priorities. They are an indispensible business partner for any start-up looking for strategic advice.”  

- Brian Dunn, CEO, Pirateye



Why FP&A?
Business leaders appreciate access to sound financial advice prior to making key decisions but such strategic advice is often out of reach. The consequences are lost productivity, improperly planned resource management and, vitally important, lost opportunities and profit. Successful growth companies recognize the need for Finance to move beyond financial and statutory reporting and drive business planning and analysis. Finance must shed the traditional "bean-counter" image and become business leaders and agents of change, change that recognizes the critical role of Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A). 

FP&A is the practice of linking people, processes and technology together to deliver critical business insights and enable decision-making. FP&A best practices demand that Planning delivers timely, transparent, flexible, reliable and actionable plans while Analysis provides a disciplined approach to collecting, calibrating, calculating and communicating expected versus actual performance with actionable insights. It is a fine balance between business drivers, sensitivities, multivariate analysis and scenarios, trade-offs and contingency planning.